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Traffic Management Services

Our traffic management services are the foundation of our company. We specialise in everything related to traffic strategies, management systems, and road safety. We are staunch supporters of achieving our objectives safely and responsibly.
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Traffic Management Plans

Traffic Management Plans

When you hire AIG Just Traffic to manage your traffic, we will perform a site assessment to identify hazards to the health and safety of employees and the general public. We will provide you with first-rate traffic management services.
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Traffic Marshals Melbourne

Traffic Management Marshals

In addition to offering 'parking services,' our traffic management marshals can maximise the number of vehicles parked in limited space car parks. No parking lot is too large or too tiny for our crew.
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road work traffic management melbourne

Road Work Traffic Management

We specialise in traffic management systems during road construction. We collaborate with government authorities and construction firms to ensure that traffic projects flow smoothly during road repairs.
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Traffic Management & Traffic Control Melbourne

Traffic control may seem to be a simple and basic task, yet its significance cannot be overstated. Proper traffic management solutions can guarantee that traffic flows smoothly and efficiently and that diverse types of transportation have equal access. Furthermore, it guarantees that highways and streets are safe for all users.

Roads clogged with motorised vehicles do not act as obstacles to a passage between locations or as a source of congestion. Local pollution and noise are reduced with efficient traffic management solutions. Furthermore, the negative effect of high traffic levels on neighbourhoods, pedestrian areas, and the general character of communities is mitigated, and greenhouse gas emissions are decreased.

Roads, streets, and walks are woven into the fabric of our communities, providing amenities for everyone. They allow us to move about to do what we want or need to accomplish in our lives. However, in order for this to happen efficiently and for traffic on these roads not to be destructive to our communities, the whole system of travellers, cars, and travel routes must be properly regulated.

When to Use Traffic Management and Traffic Control Services

Traffic Control at Corporate Events

For example, special events (sporting competitions, concerts, fairs, and conferences) produce significant traffic congestion because participants flood the street and highway networks near the site. This unexpected increase in traffic might have a severe impact on nearby traffic operations.

In contrast to unanticipated events, authorities and organisers may readily coordinate a mitigation plan and deploy the necessary resources to minimise the impact on routine traffic control operations.

Because many perceive main roads to be the quickest and simplest path to their destination, they get packed during special events. However, dispersing traffic throughout the whole network is the most effective approach to reducing congestion on all roadways. Planners often utilise pre-event marketing, dynamic message boards, or road closures to redirect traffic onto other routes.

Traffic Control at Corporate Events
traffic control at constrcution

Traffic Control at Construction Sites

Managing traffic at a building site is critical for ensuring the workplace is free of hazards to health and safety. Vehicles, notably mobile-powered plants, are often associated with worker and public fatalities and injuries, moving in and around a worksite, reversing, loading and unloading.

Traffic consists of cars, trucks, motorised mobile plants-like forklifts, and humans, such as employees and tourists. To the greatest extent reasonably possible, a person running a company or undertaking is responsible for ensuring that employees and others are not exposed to health and safety hazards emanating from the business or undertaking.

This obligation involves putting in place control measures to keep individuals safe from being hurt by moving vehicles on the job.

Traffic Control at Road Works

Road safety and workplace traffic management services are critical but sometimes overlooked aspects of road construction and highway maintenance. Put oneself in the position of road users and empathise with their requirements to enhance safety at work sites.

The Department of Works, consulting companies, contractors, and other road authorities are all responsible for providing a safe working environment for their personnel as well as the travelling public.

Traffic Control at Road Works
Traffic Control at Parking Services

Traffic Control at Parking Services

Professional car parking services are crucial not only for drivers but also for the community and parking lot owners. Proper parking space lowers traffic and congestion on the road, which benefits the community in the long run.

Choosing inappropriate parking spots or incorrectly parking your vehicle might create problems for others. Even a single incorrectly parked car may cause a massive traffic bottleneck. Drivers who park incorrectly contribute to pollution and traffic congestion.

Traffic congestion is to blame for the pollution. When you continue driving to look for a parking spot, the hazardous emissions from your automobile contribute to pollution.

Traffic management Melbourne

AIG Just Traffic to the Rescue!

AIG Just Traffic is a leading Melbourne, Victoria-based traffic control firm specialising in the supply of traffic management Melbourne services, employment, professional training, and traffic control products.

From traffic management Melbourne planning to on-the-ground traffic controllers, our professional planning have you covered.

Traffic Management Melbourne - 1300 600 578

AIG just Traffic is a traffic control company in Melbourne, Traffic Management Melbourne, Victoria that is specialists in the delivery of traffic management Melbourne services, jobs and courses and provides traffic control products. From traffic management Melbourne planning to on the ground traffic controllers.

Traffic Management Plans

The Social Importance of Traffic Management and Traffic Control

When traffic is well-managed, cities become safer, healthier, and more enjoyable places to live. There is less incursion of traffic into neighbourhoods and other social places.

The Economical Importance of Traffic Management and Traffic Control

When traffic is well-managed, vehicles go more smoothly, and there are fewer delays. This saves time and causes less wear and tear on cars. Pollution and accidents have lower healthcare expenses.

The Environmental Importance of Traffic Management and Traffic Control

More smoothly moving traffic will decrease pollution and greenhouse gas output as long as it is linked with increased use of public transportation, walking, and cycling.

If it is done by significantly increasing road capacity, it has the potential to increase the use of private automobiles and hence the carbon footprint of transportation.

Traffic management Melbourne
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