Key elements of effective traffic management plans in Melbourne

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Effective traffic management is crucial for ensuring workers' and public safety during construction projects, events, and roadworks. AIG Traffic Melbourne specialises in providing comprehensive traffic control management services that prioritise the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Our experienced team assists clients in developing Traffic Management Plans (TMP) in Melbourne or Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS) that adhere to the highest safety and compliance standards.

Site Asseessment and hazard identification

Traffic Control in Melbourne
AIG Traffic Melbourne recognises the importance of conducting a thorough site assessment to identify potential hazards and risks. This assessment involves evaluating the site location, traffic flow patterns, nearby infrastructure, and any other factors that may impact the safety of workers and the public. By identifying hazards such as uneven road surfaces, blind spots, or nearby electrical hazards, we can develop appropriate strategies to mitigate risks and ensure a safe working environment.

Tailored Plans

Every project is unique, and the level of planning required can vary depending on its nature and duration. Short-cycle projects typically require a Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) that outlines the necessary contacts, emergency vehicle and public transport allowances, signage requirements, and critical site information. A more detailed Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is essential for significant, longer-term projects. A TMP includes comprehensive hazard identification, OH&S considerations, inspections and reporting procedures, traffic flow analysis, and incident management strategies. AIG Traffic Melbourne collaborates closely with clients to develop tailored plans addressing each project's needs and challenges.

Traffic Control Equipment and TMA's

Appropriate traffic control equipment, such as signage and truck and trailer-mounted attenuators (TMAs), are essential for maintaining safe traffic flow and minimizing potential risks. AIG Traffic Melbourne's traffic management plans include detailed information on crucial signage placements, site entry and exit points, bollard tapers, and other necessary measures. By strategically positioning equipment and employing trained traffic controllers, we ensure that road users have clear instructions and guidance, reducing the likelihood of accidents and traffic congestion.

Permits and Approvals

Navigating the permit application process can be complex, mainly when dealing with different road authorities such as VicRoads or local councils. AIG Traffic Melbourne understands the intricacies of obtaining permits and approvals and assists clients throughout the application process. We guide identifying the difference between primary and minor roads, determining the project duration, and assessing whether multiple permit applications are required. Our expertise expedites the permit approval process, ensuring timely project commencement.

Real - Time updates and documentation

AIG Traffic Melbourne employs specialised mapping and traffic management planning software to develop comprehensive plans. These plans are continuously updated in real-time to reflect any changes or modifications, including newly constructed roads or alterations to the project scope. By keeping goals up-to-date, we ensure all stakeholders have access to accurate information regarding signage placements, traffic flow, and other critical aspects. Detailed documentation supports effective implementation, including emergency vehicle and public transport allowances, traffic controller instructions, and signage requirements.

Safety considerations and incident management

Safety is paramount in traffic management plans. AIG Traffic Melbourne's detailed TMPs go beyond compliance requirements, including comprehensive hazard identification, OH&S considerations, road user factors, inspections, reporting procedures, traffic flow analysis, and incident management strategies. By incorporating these elements, we help clients minimize risks, mitigate potential hazards, and establish robust protocols for managing incidents effectively. By prioritizing safety, AIG Traffic Melbourne creates a secure environment for workers and the public, reducing the likelihood of accidents and ensuring successful project outcomes.

Compliance with road management Act 2004

Adhering to the Road Management Act 2004 regulations is crucial to maintaining compliance and upholding the highest safety standards. AIG Traffic Melbourne's team of experts profoundly understands these regulations and ensures that all traffic management plans align with the legal requirements. By following these guidelines, we avoid penalties and legal complications while promoting safe and efficient traffic management practices.

AIG Traffic Melbourne offers comprehensive services encompassing the entire traffic management process, from risk assessments to executing road traffic control, enabling clients to deliver projects safely and successfully. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, AIG Traffic Melbourne is a trusted partner for projects of all scales in Melbourne. Contact us today for more information.