Experts in road-work traffic management

From the initial council permits to the completion of the road repair work, we look after everything to do with managing the traffic. While you repair the roads we take care of the traffic flow and liaise with all relevant authorities to ensure your work is compliant traffic and health and safety regulations.

Road closure permit? Easy!

When you reach us, getting all your documentation is not a big deal. Our experienced staff work closely with local authorities so that you can start work on the important things whilst staying on the right side of the rules.

Our reputation and experience ensure quick processing times of applications and positive results every time.

Health and safety of all

We have robust health and safety, environmental and quality system that ensures all parties involved are taken care of. We take the safety and well being of the general public, motorist and of course, our clients.

All our traffic plans conform to government regulations and our safety record second to none.

Road repair work. Just Traffic.

Our expertise lies  in managing traffic during road work. We work with government agencies and construction companies to ensure a smooth flow of traffic during road repair works. We carefully plan and deliver results that produces excellent results for everyone.

The most effective and simple way to manage traffic is with us. Our expert traffic marshals ensure the safety of the vehicles and smooth flow of traffic.

With over 25 years’ experience in delivering hassle free solutions to companies that need our help, no traffic management project is too big or too small for us.

Traffic Management Melbourne - 1300 600 578

AIG just Traffic is a traffic control company in Melbourne, Traffic Management Melbourne, Victoria that is specialists in the delivery of traffic management Melbourne services, jobs and courses and provides traffic control products. From traffic management Melbourne planning to on the ground traffic controllers.

Traffic Management Plans

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