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AIG Traffic Control and Traffic Management Melbourne

Melbourne's Traffic control and traffic management can be a significant game-changer for any function, public event or intersection. It is essential to divert traffic away from where all the action is happening, as traffic can cause distractions and disruptions. A throwaway horn from a passing vehicle can be all it takes to interrupt an official midsentence or ruin an office worker's morning coffee. However, problems like these can be trivial for some road users.

AIG Traffic is one of the leading traffic control companies in Melbourne, Australia, that provides solutions to traffic management requirements and high standard traffic management plans. We offer a reliable, prompt, and efficient traffic control service with over 25 years of expertise and experience in delivering hassle-free solutions to Melbourne businesses, companies and road authorities. We understand the perfect balance of having your project against the need to minimise any potential impacts on the road network, local area and the community.

Our expertise ranges from traffic management at special events like the Manningham Multicultural Event to traffic management at construction sites and charity events. We have expertly trained staff adept at managing traffic flow and ensuring that everything proceeds in order. Let's take a look at our company's different traffic depot areas.

AIG New South wales AIG company team of Road Workers at road works job
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Our Traffic Management Services

Melbourne's roads and construction operations need to run smoothly and safely. We are very proud of our traffic management and traffic control service. We specialise in a range of services relevant to traffic control plans, , management systems and road safety. We are strong advocates of meeting our goals safely and responsibly. Let's look at the processes involved in our traffic management services.

Traffic controllers assist and deliver control measures to maintain individuals' safety from being hurt by moving vehicles on the job.

Design and preparation of traffic management guidance schemes by VicRoads pre-qualified planners

Design and preparation of traffic management plans by VicRoads pre-qualified planners

Preparation and submission of council permits for traffic management associated with road openings, road closures, cranes, concrete pumps and public events

Preparation and submission of VicRoads MoA

Implementation of site safety audits

Sale and hire of traffic management equipment such as signage, arrow boards and VMS trailers.

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Recent Major Events Experience:

We have a diverse portfolio that showcases the wide range of projects under our belt. We have seen and done it all, from road traffic control to elaborate management methodology. Here is a list of projects we are proud to show to our prospective clients.

Australian Defence Force 2014 Centenary of ANZAC Air Show
Victorian State Schools Spectacular at Hisense Arena 2013 and 2014
Equestrian Victoria 3 Day International
RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2012, 2013 and 2014
Taste of Melbourne
St Kilda Festival


As a service, we provide industry-standard solutions to all our clients. We aim to never skimp out on the aspects that matter and bring meaning to our work. We are very budget-conscious. This means that the projects we take on are constantly developed with financial constraints. You'll never feel that our services are too expensive or unjustifiably costly.

We have fully qualified traffic management planners, supervisors, leading hands, operations managers, and traffic controllers – all qualified to Australian standards, ensuring that we complete your project professionally, safely, and efficiently. Not only this, but we take care of all the small things – cleanliness, timekeeping, and courtesy, to name a few!!

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We won't be beaten on price!

Our traffic management equipment is constantly renewed – meaning that we have no breakdowns. We believe in maintaining our equipment to ensure that we have the top-notch services that we proudly advertise. You will never see a scrappy sign or a beaten up UTE – we are the professionals. Our well-trained team delivers a professional service to all of our clients at all times.

When it comes to professional traffic management, we have mastered the underlying rules of traffic control and can safely manage traffic that preserves its fluidity and the event's functions.

Contact Us

If you require traffic management services and are still confused about our services, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free quote. Call us for a free quote on 1300 600 578. Our representatives will be happy to get you to speed regarding our policies and practices. Traffic management solutions can be hard to figure out and fully conceptualise; that's why our team is there to explain every step we take.

Get in touch today for further information on how we can help you with traffic management and traffic control plans in Melbourne.

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Traffic Management Melbourne

AIG Traffic is a Traffic Control company in Melbourne and Traffic Management MelbourneVictoria, specialising in delivering traffic management Melbourne services, jobs and courses and providing traffic control products. From traffic management Melbourne planning to the ground traffic controllers.

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