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Traffic Marshals Melbourne

AIG Traffic is an experienced provider of traffic marshals for


What is the role of a Traffic Marshal in traffic management in Melbourne?

Traffic Marshal (Traffic Marshall) is a traffic controller who will control traffic, ensuring the safety of movement for vehicles at civil construction sites, corporate events, main transportation hubs, parking and loading areas or road works. A Traffic Marshal provides clear instructions to drivers and operators to reduce the risk of accidents and prevent hazards before they occur. 

The most compelling way to safeguard pedestrians and workers is to eliminate traffic hazards. This can be achieved by careful planning and controlling vehicle operations and pedestrian movements by ensuring they are not exposed to health and safety risks from the business or project.

AIG Traffic is a dynamic traffic control company and one-stop-shop that provides the best traffic management plans and solutions to all traffic management requirements for clients in Melbourne, Victoria. 

AIG Traffic has a team of experienced professionals with the right skills who are up to date with industry regulations and standards in all traffic and pedestrian management areas. 

We specialise in moving traffic quickly and efficiently through road closures, traffic detours and road works. 

We supply the latest and highest quality traffic control equipment available. All of our signs and equipment complies with Australian Standards for traffic equipment.

AIG Traffic’s traffic marshals have the authority to:

  • Legally stop/slow traffic using a stop/slow bat

  • Report to the police any motorist who fails to follow reasonable instructions

AIG New South wales AIG company team of Road Workers at road works job
AIG New South wales AIG company team of Road Workers at road works job
AIG New South wales AIG company team of Road Workers at road works job

Key issues to consider in traffic management

Developing and implementing effective traffic management plans.

Observing pedestrians and vehicles, including on-site and when vehicles enter and exit.

Ensuring vehicles, workers and pedestrians are visible to each other.

Manage vehicle movements.

Eliminating reversing vehicles minimising related risks.

Using traffic signs.

traffic management plan

The benefits of having an AIG Traffic Marshal 

The AIG Traffic Marshals are responsible for:

The safety of fellow workers.
The safety of motorists and other road users.
Enabling works at the site to be conducted safely by minimising the risks associated with traffic movement.
Professionally controlling traffic to allow drivers to negotiate through, past or around the worksite safely
Ensuring the indication given to traffic is consistent with the display provided by traffic signals.
Maintaining traffic control in emergencies and other difficult situations,
Minimising delays to traffic.

Our traffic marshals are also highly skilled in providing ‘parking services and, in particular, can maximise the number of cars parked in restricted space car parks. No car park is too big or too small for our team.

All traffic marshals wear a clearly distinguishable uniform and high visibility clothing, including a Hi-Vis hat, vest and gloves. In addition, the traffic marshals are equipped with two-way radios to permit effective and efficient traffic & parking operations. During low visibility traffic and parking, orange LED torch lights assist drivers in identifying the traffic marshal.

“The service was great, all went smoothly, and we have some plans to improve again next year.

We were very happy with both the parking and security officers, who were all very polite and happy to do whatever was asked of them.” Lyn Johnson Deputy Director, McClelland Gallery & Sculpture Park.

Just Traffic provides:

Traffic marshals
Parking permits
Directional signage
Traffic management equipment
Traffic and pedestrian control
Shuttle services

All our traffic plans conform to government regulations, road authorities and our safety record second to none.

Traffic Management Melbourne

AIG Traffic is a Traffic Control company in Melbourne and Traffic Management MelbourneVictoria, specialising in delivering traffic management Melbourne services, jobs and courses and providing traffic control products. From traffic management Melbourne planning to the ground traffic controllers.

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